Cancer Inside Out

Cancer Inside Out

You have to love about me sections: :)

Well that is me in the picture… I had to make it “kid safe” so I added the leaf… :)

I love this picture because it shows me inside out..and it is a great ice breaker for new visitors to see the reality of cancer.  Plus new visitors always ask me to share my story..This is a perfect platform to open up and share with one another.

I had this e-x-ray blown up and framed and put in my kitchen.. This picture is the reason I started this blog.  People would come over to my house and see the picture and like magic we would all share our trails and tribulation about how cancer has affected our family or friends.  It sparked my interest because this picture was becoming such a conversational piece  so I had an idea to start a blog….I figure if the picture has the same impact on a website as it did in my house , this would be the perfect remedy for cancer patients to open up and start to support one another..  And guess what it is working….

So about me:

I will keep this short because If you have read one success story you have read them all :)

I have been cancer free for 10++++ years.  I lost count after 10…because I  knew I was cured.  I was 15 and diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called “Ewing’s Sarcoma”  In 3 years time, I had gallons of Chemo, radiation, and a total hip and femur replacement….And the doctor only gave me a 25% survival rate….what did he know….So I took my dose of reality and beat the biggest battle of my life.   This blog is to give you insight and support so you can be cancer free.  If you are still reading enjoy the blog.  I’m always here to help and offer my support..

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